Matt Sorum

Matt Sorum was born in Long Beach, California in the rock ‘n’ roll heyday of the ’60s. There couldn’t be a more appropriate place for a future rocker to hail from. About 20 miles away from the cultural and musical explosion taking place in Los Angeles, he had no choice but to blaze a rock ‘n’ roll trail. After watching Ringo Starr of The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Sorum became entranced by the drums and had to pick them up. Drums still speak louder than words for Sorum, and he’s using them to spearhead one rock ‘n’ roll revolution at a time in the studio and live. But in addition to his musical success stories (that now include Deadland Ritual and Kings of Chaos), the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame inductee and soon to be published author also is an advocate for the arts. His Adopt the Arts Foundation brings together well-known artists, public figures and the public to save the arts in America’s public schools, "the idea is to start building the future of musicians."

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Matt Sorum

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